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First Shipment of Fossil-Free Steel Delivered to Volvo

Biofuels and electric cars are good ways to reduce transport emissions. But what about the emissions caused by the car industry? Volvo has a...
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Union Pacific to Use Biodiesel to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Railway is already far more sustainable than trucking. Now, Union Pacific raises the green bar even higher by using biodiesel to reduce carbon emissions....
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A Major Green Energy Bill Gets Approved in Illinois

Illinois lawmakers pass a groundbreaking green energy package that aims to eliminate carbon by 2050. This is how they plan to do it.
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Colorado Leads The Way With New Carbon Footprint Information

Colorado legislators have done is introduce a law that requires the building industry to clearly identify the embodied carbon associated with materials.
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Local Communities In Laos Take Reforestation Efforts Into Their Own Hands

Rural communities of Laos are planting native plants to protect 100 acres of forestland. So far, they've planted 30,000 plants.
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Eco-Friendly Organic Boost For The Textile Industry

Textile company Ultrafabrics has developed four new kinds of fabrics that are made from plant-based materials and can offer high durability and strength.
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Volunteers and Charities Clean Up Marseille Beaches

People and organizations volunteer to clean up Marseille’s beaches and save marine ecosystems from plastic pollution.
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Barcelona Plans to Expand Pedestrian Green Spaces

Answering the need for more green spaces and cleaner air, city authorities in Barcelona plan to convert more than 20 streets into pedestrian zones....
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Mexico’s New Strategy to Reverse Semi-arid Land Degradation

Mexican farmers are hit hard by drought and overgrazing. Now they’ve come up with a 100% natural solution that provides both soil nutrients and...
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Farmers Getting Double Benefit with Solar Panels in Fields

German farmers are using translucent solar panel roofs above their farms and doubled their incomes. The new farming strategy boosts green energy production.
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