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Nano-Technology Brings New Fuel Additives

While the shift to EVs is speeding up considerably, there’s still a need to make gasoline engines more efficient through fuel additives that make...
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Science Discussion: Air Cooling Tech as Climate Backup

The National Academy of Sciences said that the U.S. must consider the idea of “hacking” the atmosphere to cool a warming Earth.
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Carmaker Jaguar Accelerates EV Mission

The UK’s car maker Jaguar has made a drastic decision by announcing that the entire Jaguar fleet will switch to all-electric by 2025.
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The Greek Island of Hybrid Cars and Renewable Energy

Tilos is the first island in southern Europe to build a hybrid power station with battery storage, which could provide an example to other...
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This New Turbine Blade Shape Can Significantly Reduce Wind Energy Cost

A new wind turbine blade concept is being developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.
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Marie Bee Bloom Takes Compostable Face Masks To a New Level

A new mask called Marie Bee Bloom was the idea of a Dutch design firm called Pons Ontwerp. And the designers looked at every...
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Mobile Charging for EVs Could Become the Future With SparkCharge

A Massachusetts startup called SparkCharge is pioneering the first on-demand mobile EV charging network.
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FedEx Fleet Goes Full Electric by 2040

FedEx Corp. has announced a big electrification plan as part of a border goal to become carbon-neutral by 2040.
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Aviation Reborn: Net-Zero Flights Already ‘On the Radar,’ Say Scientists

Climate-conscious vacationers could soon enjoy beachside piña coladas without the guilt of making an emission-heavy overseas flight thanks to a new jet fuel that...
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Jackery Explorer 1000 Watt Generator Review: Read This Before You Buy (2021)

A portable solar generator like Jackery 1000 can power your grill and your laptop whether you’re out camping or caught during a blackout. But...
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