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Lab-Grown Meat Could Be Hitting Supermarket Shelves

Singapore has approved lab-grown chicken cells to appear in food products to prevent animal cruelty and reduce carbon footprint.
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The Sycamore Tiny House Is Packed With Ingenious Space-Saving Solutions

The Sycamore is a great example of a tiny home for people looking to downsize into something more space-efficient and definitely more sustainable.
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Canadian Earthship Home Becomes The New Blueprint

We often hear of sustainable homes, but we see tiny buildings with barely any space to live in. But a new Earthship design in...
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Innermost House — A Thoreauvian Ideal Of Simple Living

Diana and Michael Lorence moved to the woods in Northern California to live in a tiny home without electricity, but closer to nature and...
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The Importance Of Living A Zero Waste Life

Lauren Singer is an Environmental Studies graduate from NYU who is a strong believer in a zero-waste lifestyle.
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This Canadian Homemade Island Has 4 Greenhouses And More

A couple of artists have made their very own sustainable floating homemade island in Canada.
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How A Winter Greenhouse Can Keep Your Plants Thriving During A Cold Spell

Start growing winter crops in your greenhouse with these simple tips to make sure you get a great harvest. It’s easier than you think.
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WWF Report Positive About Plant-Based Diets Helping Conserve and Restore Nature

WWF said that consuming less meat and dairy in favor of a plant based-diet can conserve nature and restore the planet’s resources.
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How Living Small Can Make A Big Difference

A new eco-blogger has attracted a lot of positive attention for providing a step-by-step account of her transition into creating a carbon-neutral home.
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Green Face Mask Innovation Has Launched In Vietnam

There is good news from Vietnam about the world’s first biodegradable coffee face mask.
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