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Europe Adopts Roadmap Towards Safer And More Sustainable Chemicals

The European Commission has approved the strategy that will empower a safer and more sustainable chemicals market.
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Industrial Complex In India Has A Facade Made From Its Own Construction Waste

Located in the North Indian city of Kishangarh, the complex of Stonex India is all about sustainable construction.
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From Invasive Trees To Free Material For Low-Carbon Construction

While cities across the country are mandating zero-carbon footprints for new public buildings, designers and manufacturers are looking for new, ecology-positive building materials.
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Electric RVs Promise Greener Recreational Future

Startup electric truck maker Lordstown Motors and Camping World has announced a partnership to develop a new electric RV.
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The Future Of Innovative Eco-Friendly Materials

Recent developments in producing new sustainable materials are going to make some big changes in how large industries can prevent some significant waste issues.
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United Airlines To Go 100 Percent Green By 2050

United Airlines pledges to go 100 percent green by 2050 without purchasing carbon offsets.
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Using Eco-Friendly Cork As A Building Material

A London-based family has taken some innovative, ground-breaking, and eco-friendly steps to refurbish and extend a dilapidated house using cork.
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Walmart Pulls Toxic Paint Strippers From Shelves — EPA, It’s Your Turn

Retailers like Walmart are stepping up to pull toxic solvents from their shelves for all customers, commercial and private.
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Canada Boosts Hydrogen Energy Goals

After three years of careful planning, the Canadian government has announced a blueprint for the country to become the largest hydrogen producer.
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A Norwegian Eco-Construction Solution

A Norwegian building technology company, Othalo, has announced that they have started a project to develop houses made from 100% recycled materials.
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