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U.S. Air Force Becomes A Role Model For Best Energy Efficiency Practices

Companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint can take the example of the U.S. Air Force, a branch of service that has taken big...
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A New Climate-Friendly Snack For Cows

Two species of crimson seaweed could neutralize one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas — methane emissions from the digestive processes of livestock.
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CF Industries Commits To Clean Energy Economy

CF Industries Holdings, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, announced significant steps towards a clean fuel economy.
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Nearly All New US Power Plants Built In 2021 Will Be Carbon-Free

Wind and solar currently make up a small share of U.S. electricity production, but they are being targeted to supply 70 percent of newly...
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Asian Biotech Innovations Drive Food Safety Efforts

Asian countries are taking new steps to promote biotech innovations to support some of the fastest-growing populations in the world.
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France Takes Steps To Divest Oil And Gas Investments

The French central bank has now announced that it will be reducing its exposure to fossil fuel investments a lot faster than previously announced.
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The First All-Electric Commercial Passenger Plane Successfully Tested

A six-passenger de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver seaplane has been converted to all-electric propulsion by the technology firm magniX.
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PepsiCо Is The Latest Beverage Giant To Announce Net-Zero Goals

PepsiCo is the latest global beverage company to commit to ambitious net-zero goals. The ultimate goal is to reduce its absolute greenhouse emissions by...
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Proterra Unveils EV Charging System For Full Fleet Electrification

Proterra’s new charging system can be configured to supply 1.5 megawatts of power to 20 EVs at the same time.
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Massachusetts Secures $4M For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The State of Massachusetts has provided an extra $4 million to expand its electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
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