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Get Paid for your iPhone, and Help Protect the Environment!

How selling your old iPhone to GreenCitizen keeps other electronics out of landfills. Our latest blog post from GC staff writer Jake Hanft
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Paint Recycling and Why You Should Do It

What to Recycle Your Paint? Want to Get Some Free Paint? Do both at the same spot! Check out our latest blog post:
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How to Recycle Batteries?

Do you wonder where you can recycle your household batteries in the Bay Area? GreenCitizen has the answers!
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Current US Electronic Waste Laws

Federal Governments Takes First Steps to Develop a National Strategy for Electronic Waste Until recently the EPA, and Federal Government has barely monitored or...
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Jim Puckett’s Fresh Air Interview 12/21/2010

Jim Puckett, the executive director of the Basal Action Network was recently interview on NPR’s Fresh Air. In summary…. In the past 10 years,...
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How Are CRT Monitors Recycled?

Updated January 2019 Got any old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors you want to get rid of? In recent years, we’ve started to replace...
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What are SB20 Units and Why Are They Free?

Many household devices contain hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium, lithium and barium. These elements can cause a wide range of health problems including,...
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Five Ways to Green Your PC

Five Ways to Green Your Computer Set your computer to hibernate When your computer is not in use set it to hibernate mode, this...
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