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Government Cooperation For Healthier Oceans

14 countries have come together to make marine protection a greater priority.
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World’s Largest Population Moves Towards EV

China has announced that they have set aggressive targets for the sale of electric and hybrid vehicles.
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Electric Homes And Cars Saving The Climate And $2,500 Per U.S. Household

You can actually keep driving your car have your home AC blasting all summer long and still reduce carbon emissions by 40%, while saving...
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21 Environmental Policy Jobs For The Discerning Job Seeker

Environmental policies have opened up many opportunities for new careers. Find out exactly what types of lucrative jobs are on offer with this list.
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British Billionaire Pushes For Climate Policies Using Investor Votes

Chris Hohn has stepped up to the challenge of forcing publicly traded companies to clean up their acts by submitting climate plans to investors...
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China’s Carbon Neutrality Pledge Set For 2060 By President Xi Jinping

China is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2060, with other large structures like the EU aiming for 2050.
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Extensive Efforts Cause Air Pollution to Drop In China

Bbetween 2013 and 2017, particle pollution in 74 key Chinese cities has fallen by an average of 33%.
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Thailand’s Shift To Eco-Friendly Growth

Thailand has recently announced that it will be shifting its economic policy model towards a bio, circular and green economy (BCG) approach.
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How Bhutan Became The Only Carbon Negative Country In The World

In his TED Talk, Tshering Tobgay highlights a few reasons why Bhutan became the only country on earth that produces less CO2 than it...
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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 21 Practical Ways

From air-drying clothes to supporting non-profits, we look at 21 different ways you can lower your carbon footprint today in real, tangible ways.
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