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Victoria, Australia Pledges Millions To Double Glass Recycling

The Australian state of Victoria will double the amount of glass it recycles, due to increased funding from the Victorian and Australian Governments.
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Minnesota Legislators Introduce Anti-Copper Mining Law

Lawmakers are doubling their efforts to prevent mining companies from getting a foothold in Minnesota with legislation that should slow or completely outlaw copper-nickel...
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U.S. Will Rejoin Paris Agreement And Stop All Fossil Fuel Activities In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Biden’s day-one executive actions aimed at addressing climate change and advancing environmental justice include signing the instrument to rejoin the Paris Agreement.
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Biden Stops Oil Drilling on Public Lands

President Joe Biden is about to announce a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing on U.S. lands.
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Biden Vows to Electrify U.S. Government Fleet

President Joe Biden has promised to replace the U.S. government’s 650,000-strong fleet with electric vehicles, reflecting the new administration’s commitment to clean energy.
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Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Suspended as Biden Revokes Its Permit

Construction on the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline has been halted as President Joe Biden decided to revoke its permit.
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China Backs Technical Projects To Meet Carbon-Neutrality Goals

China will support capital carbon-capture projects and track methane emissions from fossil fuel extractions as part of its efforts to limit global temperature rises.
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Electric Cars Hit Record 54% Market Share In Norway In 2020

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) accounted for 54.3 percent of all new cars sold in Norway in 2020, which is a global record.
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Nearly All New US Power Plants Built In 2021 Will Be Carbon-Free

Wind and solar currently make up a small share of U.S. electricity production, but they are being targeted to supply 70 percent of newly...
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France Takes Steps To Divest Oil And Gas Investments

The French central bank has now announced that it will be reducing its exposure to fossil fuel investments a lot faster than previously announced.
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