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Recycling Kitchen Waste Becomes the Next Green Thing

Residents of 12 cities in San Diego County will soon be asked to toss food waste from their kitchens into their green waste bins.
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Plastic Makers Back Fair and Feasible Policies That Improve Packaging Recycling

Members of the American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division have set a goal for 100% of U.S. plastic packaging to be recyclable or recoverable by...
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Biden’s Change of Social Cost of Carbon Explained

The Biden administration has announced an update to the social cost of carbon, which some people call "climate change’s most important number.”
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Hamilton Is the First Massachusetts Town That Mandates Composting

The town of Hamilton, Massachusetts is soon to become the first in the state to mandate composting for all residents.
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Singapore Boosts Adoption Rate Of EV Charge Points

A project called Urban Charge in Singapore has launched a new initiative where it provides free charging points with solar panels and other renewable...
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UK Renewable Energy Production Overtakes Fossil Fuels

In terms of power generation, the UK now produces a quarter of all its electricity needs from wind farms.
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Cycling Lanes To Be Added To NYC Brooklyn And Queensboro Bridges

New York City’s mayor has revealed plans to turn vehicle lanes into cycling paths on the Brooklyn and Queensboro Bridges.
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Agriculture Secretary Nominee Vilsack Backs Biofuels Initiatives

Tom Vilsack, President Joe Biden's nominee for secretary of agriculture, has pledged to focus on climate initiatives and work towards addressing racial inequities in...
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Biden Team Starts Talks With Utilities And Automakers About Emissions

President Joe Biden's administration has initiated talks with the utility and car makers sectors about greenhouse gas emissions, says White House domestic climate adviser...
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50 Countries Make A Joint Plan To Protect 30% Of The Earth By 2030

With a mission to protect the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems, a group of more than 50 countries has pledged to protect 30 percent of...
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