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India’s Pygmy Hog Avoids Extinction

The world’s smallest wild hog has finally brought some good news for biodiversity, with conservationists successfully reintroducing it in Assam, India.
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Rare Otter Returns to Wetlands in India

A wetlands bird sanctuary in India has seen the unexpected return of a rare smooth-coated otter.
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Young Oregon Wolf Journeys Hundreds of Miles Into California, Raising Conservation Hopes

A young Oregonian wolf named OR-93 has spurred conservation hopes after having journeyed hundreds of miles from Mount Hood, Oregon to California’s central Sierra...
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Borneo’s Rainforests See the Return of a Bird Thought to be Extinct

The black-browed babbler of Indonesia, thought to be extinct, has been rediscovered after 170 years.
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Snowy Owl Sighted In NYC Central Park After Over A Century

New Yorkers were in for a rare sight in Central Park that experts claim hasn't been seen in more than a hundred years —...
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New Discoveries Help Monarch Butterfly Conservation

With the number of monarchs dangerously dwindling, biologists are finding quick solutions to restore the iconic butterfly population.
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50 Countries Make A Joint Plan To Protect 30% Of The Earth By 2030

With a mission to protect the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems, a group of more than 50 countries has pledged to protect 30 percent of...
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Surprise Discovery Of New Bat Species

Researchers have discovered a new species of orange and black bats in West Africa.
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How Rice Fields Can Help Recover California’s Endangered Salmon

Farmers in the Sacramento Valley have partnered with biologists, water regulators, and conservation groups to restore wild fish runs.
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New Okanagan Ecological Corridor Aims To Protect More Wildlife

Some researchers have found British Columbia has some of the most endangered species, and the solution has been a collaborative effort to create a...
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