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A Conservation Success for Tiny Frogs

The Limosa harlequin frog of Panama has provided good news for conservationists who have managed to successfully breed this endangered amphibian.
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Oldest Known Albatross Brings New Life to the World With a New Chick

The oldest known wild bird that lives in the Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean has hatched a new chick.
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Green-Pawed Sea Otters Are Saving California’s Kelp Forests

While studying healthy forests of kelp, scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz have discovered that sea otters may help with their conservation.
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Sustainable Beef Is Possible: Brazilian Farmer Proves Ranching Can Regenerate the Cerrado

Matheus Sborgia, a 26-year-old Brazilian chef, inherited 124 acres of pastureland where he practices regenerative farming.
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Yellowstone Reports First Grizz Sighting of 2021

Federal officials have confirmed the first grizzly bear sighting in Yellowstone National park this year.
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Quebec Community Awards Personhood to Canada’s Magpie River

The Magpie River in Quebec, Canada, has achieved personhood status after the municipality of Minganie and the Innu Council of Ekuanitshit took decisive action...
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Canada Opens World’s Longest Hiking Trail From Coast to Coast

Canada's Great Trail spans over 14,864 miles, and after 25 years, it has finally been completed.
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India’s Pygmy Hog Avoids Extinction

The world’s smallest wild hog has finally brought some good news for biodiversity, with conservationists successfully reintroducing it in Assam, India.
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Rare Otter Returns to Wetlands in India

A wetlands bird sanctuary in India has seen the unexpected return of a rare smooth-coated otter.
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Young Oregon Wolf Journeys Hundreds of Miles Into California, Raising Conservation Hopes

A young Oregonian wolf named OR-93 has spurred conservation hopes after having journeyed hundreds of miles from Mount Hood, Oregon to California’s central Sierra...
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