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Facebook Steps Up Its Support For Climate Information

Facebook has decided to take additional steps to make it easier to access climate information and research.
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American Pika Defies Climate Change

A new study by the Arizona State University suggests that this endangered animal is adapting remarkably well to climate change.
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Climate-Friendly Actions From The Food Industry

US-based Panera bread has introduced a new way of labeling some of their food items to highlight those that have less impact on the...
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Sports Unified In Climate Change Fight

Several decisions by the IOC sends a strong message to the global sports community that the only way we can take the climate change...
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Five Inspiring Ways to Change the World

Here are five inspiring ideas on how to change the world and help the environment.
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Disaster Program Secures Substantial Funds For Climate Resilience

FEMA announced that it will allocate $500 million for climate resilience projects and planning, such as moving buildings out of floodplains and improving building...
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Mississippi Teens Take a Stand Against Climate Change

Local teenagers and community activists from Duck Hill, Mississippi are taking a stand against climate change and looking to educate the town.
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The First Of Its Kind: A Climate Solutions Fund Run By Dominican Nuns

Sixteen congregations of Dominican nuns in the US pioneered a collaboration with Morgan Stanley to create a $130 million “climate solutions fund.”
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A United Faith Approach To Dealing With Climate Change

The city of Boulder, Colorado, has taken a wonderful approach to unify different faiths to create more awareness of global climate change.
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