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Jeff Bezos Vowed $2 billion for Nature Restoration

Jeff Bezos promised $2 billion in fighting climate change through his Bezos Earth Fund in last week’s COP26 conference held in Glasgow.
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Success For Ocean Plastic Cleanup

Ocean Cleanup is set to bring a new prototype device into production and finally make a significant step towards plastic removal.
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Global Concrete Industry Draws a Road Map to Net-Zero Carbon

Global Concrete Industry has cemented its climate goals: 25% fewer carbon emissions by 2030 and net-zero by 2050.
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Tesco Expands Its Sustainability Program

Tesco, a British store chain, starts a zero-waste packaging system, together with a reusable packaging platform, Loop.
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Oil and Gas Drilling to be Phased Out in the LA County

Los Angeles County supervisors unanimously voted to shut down all gas and oil drilling in the area. Learn more here.
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Manchester City is Developing Edible Coffee Cups

English football giant, Manchester City is making efforts to offset carbon emissions by trialing edible cups made of wafers to get rid of the...
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Nest Renew Program by Google Helps You Use More Clean Energy

Using data from Google’s Carbon-Free Energy project, this smart thermostat shifts your daily energy consumption to using more renewable sources.
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Here’s Why We Need 1.5 Degree Lifestyle & How to Achieve It

The system is bad, but our lifestyles leave an equally huge carbon footprint. This is why we need to make more sustainable choices every...
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Nature Restoration is Planned for Half a Million Acres in Scotland

Rewilding is planned for half a million acres in Scotland. This will help endangered species, the climate, and the local communities.
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California Governor Signs a Historic $15 billion Climate Package

California Governor Gavin Newsom signs a historic $15 billion package that aims to help the climate and protect the Californians from toxins.
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