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Kenya’s Mangroves Acknowledged For Carbon Credits

Kenya now receives carbon credits that they can trade on international carbon markets. The proceeds from this trading then allow Kenya to further invest...
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Positive Pacific Island Growth Despite Climate Change

Rising sea levels are a real threat foremost to small and low lying islands in the ocean, but some surprising research has shown how...
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Electric Homes And Cars Saving The Climate And $2,500 Per U.S. Household

You can actually keep driving your car have your home AC blasting all summer long and still reduce carbon emissions by 40%, while saving...
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British Billionaire Pushes For Climate Policies Using Investor Votes

Chris Hohn has stepped up to the challenge of forcing publicly traded companies to clean up their acts by submitting climate plans to investors...
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Joint Satellite Technology ‘Climate Guardian’ To Monitor Sea Levels

US and European space agencies are jointly deploying a new satellite nicknamed “Climate Guardian” to monitor sea levels in an unprecedented way.
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21 Climate Change Jobs That Can Help You Make a Difference To the World

Awareness of climate change and global warming has increased the demand for jobs that help the Earth fight back. We listed down the most...
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Let’s Use Cooling Paint Against Climate Change

Xiangyu Li, a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who worked on this project believes the cooling paint can be used against...
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Planting Trees As A Way To Manage The Climate Crisis

Studies have also shown that our current forests can provide up to 23 percent of the climate mitigation we need by 2030.
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The Music Foundation Raising Climate Awareness In Ghana

The Young Voices Education Foundation is increasing climate awareness in Ghana through music.
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Diets That Help Slow Down Climate Change

The Director of John Muir Institute of the Environment shows us how can we help slow down climate change by choosing what we put...
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