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Germany Leads The Way To Curb An Ignored Super-Pollutant

Germany is calling for drastic measures to capture nitrous oxide, and with this, they aim to reduce NO2 emissions by 90 percent within 4...
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Massachusetts Reveals Plan For Zero Emissions By 2050

Massachusetts has outlined a plan to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, a part of which requires that all new cars sold in the...
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Minnesota Power Plans To Deliver 100% Emission-Free Energy By 2050

Minnesota Power has revealed its goal to deliver 100% carbon-free energy to customers by 2050, and this goal includes expanding wind and solar resources.
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Trees Become The Practical Solution To Climate Change

Scientists have been looking at sustainable and practical solutions through the use of nature.
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England Increases Reforestation Projects To Capture Carbon

The British government has set up an initial £12 million fund to plant 500 hectares (roughly 1,200 acres) of trees across public land in...
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From Invasive Trees To Free Material For Low-Carbon Construction

While cities across the country are mandating zero-carbon footprints for new public buildings, designers and manufacturers are looking for new, ecology-positive building materials.
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Tiny Homes By IKEA Help Fight Climate Change

IKEA has launched a new line of eco-friendly tiny houses or trailers that are packed with the company's airy design and minimalistic functionality.
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Fluorescent Evergreen Glow A Clear Sign That Trees Are Using Up Carbon

A new study suggests we can track evergreen trees’ photosynthesis patterns by detecting their fluorescent glow — from space.
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The Positive Trend Of Carbon Emissions

One of the positive things that has happened during the Covid pandemic is that lockdowns have significantly reduced the amount of carbon emissions.
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A New Way To Capture CO2 From The Atmosphere

Jeniffer Wilcox, a chemical engineer, talks about a new technology that removes CO2 out of the air using a chemical process.
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