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Drone Company Introduces Reforestation Technology

Could a drone manufacturing company have the solution for reforestation programs after the vast wildfires?
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New Jersey Starts The First Round of Plastic Bans

New Jersey starts to enforce its first plastic ban this November. The ban prohibits the use of plastic straws in places that sell food.
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High-Carbon Industries Recognize Decarbonization Routes

Corporate leaders of aviation, steel, and shipping are making commitments to decarbonize the most carbon-intensive secrets. Policymakers need to follow.
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Zero Energy Ready Homes for Net-Zero Energy Bills

From innovative building materials to local manufacture and renewable-energy systems, Zero Energy Ready Homes are the gold standard of sustainable living.
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COP26 Summit Confirms Actions To Limit Methane In Atmosphere

COP26 pact aims to reduce methane emissions of industrialized countries by 30% in a huge step to cut greenhouse gases that impact climate change.
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COP26: Japan to Pledge $10 billion to Decarbonize Asia

At the COP26 summit in Glasgow, the Japanese Prime Minister pledges $10 billion in Asia decarbonization efforts.
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Countries Vow to Stop Using Coal at COP26

40+ countries sign the coal pledge — a promise to stop investing in new coal power and phase out coal use by 2040.
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$140 Trillion COP26 Coalition Pledges to Put Climate at Heart of Finance

At the COP26 UN climate conference, the world’s leading financial institutions pledged to quit funding fossil fuels and start investing in net-zero projects. ...
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COP26: Over 100 Countries Vow to End Deforestation by 2030

More than 100 countries pledged to end and reverse deforestation as part of this year’s COP26 Glasgow climate talks.
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A Guide to Sustainable Thanksgiving Gifts and Party Planning

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving sustainably this year and thank mother nature. This guide discusses all — from eco-friendly Thanksgiving gifts to party planning.
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