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How to Recycle Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are everywhere. You see them on store shelves, full of every imaginable product. You see rolls of them every few feet in...
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Tips for How to Store (and Conserve) Water

People in developed nations often take their infrastructure for granted. For example, turn on a tap, flush a toilet, or aim a garden hose,...
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How to Stop Using Paper Towels

Life is messy. We try to be clean and tidy, but things keep dripping, spilling, or spraying. Kids don’t pay attention, pets have accidents,...
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Why We Use Plastic Straws and How to Stop

Plastic drinking straws are one of those consumer items that individuals and governments are hoping to ban. Some people may find this puzzling or...
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How Computer Recycling Works: What to do with Your Old Desktop

Advancement in technology means more and more computing power in smaller packages like laptops and tablets.  People are on the move and are looking...
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4 Reasons Why Electronic Recycling Costs are Skyrocketing

You may have noticed the increasing price of recycling your old electronics. There are 4 major reasons why electronic recycling costs have risen over...
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Computers in Africa Constructed from E-Waste and Jerrycans

          West Africa has long been a repository for much of the developed world’s outdated and obsolete electronic waste.  This...
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Make a 3D Printer By Reinventing E-Waste

A large part of the recycling process involves re-purposing. Besides keeping your electronics running for as long as possible, there are many creative things...
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How to Recycle Christmas Tree Lights this Holiday Season

Updated November 2018 It’s that time of year again. That moment when you plug in your Christmas lights and they don’t light up with...
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The E-Waste Crisis: 6 Ways You Can Help

  Updated December 2018 The U.S. throws away 9.4 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) every year. Where does this go? It not only...
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