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Spain’s Seville Oranges Find A New Use In Energy Production

Seville oranges will now be used to produce enough electricity to power a water purification plant and feed any excess back into Spain's grid.
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Recycling Kitchen Waste Becomes the Next Green Thing

Residents of 12 cities in San Diego County will soon be asked to toss food waste from their kitchens into their green waste bins.
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E-Plastic Recycling Gains A Large Boost

Ontario-based BoMet Polymer Solutions has increased its processing capabilities for recycling electronic equipment and consumer devices.
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A New Approach For Plastic Waste

The global not-for-profit standard-setter Verra has teamed up with over 1,000 organizations to tackle the goal of zero plastic waste through a new stewardship...
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Battery Recyclers Lay Out Plans for 2021

This year, a battery company announced going public, collection numbers were published for North America, and a lead-acid battery technology decided to enter a...
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UML Becomes ‘Innovator of the Year’ in Waste Management

The first university in the Northeast to adopt turning food scraps into compost for campus landscaping, the UML emerged as a national leader in...
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Vermont Adopts Call2Recycle’s Consumer Battery Stewardship Plan

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources approved Call2Recycle’s five-year non-rechargeable battery recycling program.
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Teen Scientist Discovers A Low-Tech Way To Recycle Water

A 17-year-old has found ways to reuse greywater and help people cope with water shortages.
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Victoria, Australia Pledges Millions To Double Glass Recycling

The Australian state of Victoria will double the amount of glass it recycles, due to increased funding from the Victorian and Australian Governments.
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Heavy-Duty Battery Recycling Pilot Unites Li-Cycle And New Flyer

New Flyer provided Li-Cycle with 45 end-of-life lithium-ion batteries, which will be processed into a so-called “black mass" which can be further processed and...
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