34 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Christmas 2021

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

I admit I’ve been humming Christmas songs for a while now. Are you a Christmas enthusiast like me who’s got their tree up a day after Thanksgiving? Or do you prefer to wait until further in December? No matter when you get into the Christmas spirit, there’s something magical about this holiday.

This is the time to spend with our loved ones and make them feel loved and appreciated with a thoughtful gift.

But guilt about over-indulgent holiday shopping is growing across the nation. That rush of finding the perfect gift is real, but take a moment to consider all the waste it’ll create. There’s leftover packaging, tech items, toys, and clothing tossed out for new ones.

Let’s change all that this Christmas!

The range of available eco-friendly gifts is bigger than ever before. To help you out, I’ve compiled the biggest, longest, most imaginative, and helpful list of eco-friendly gifts for every single person in your family. 

Let’s start shopping responsibly!

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What Makes a Gift Eco-Friendly?

In the past, I didn’t pay much attention to buying sustainable gifts for my loved ones. Only when my friend became a zero-waster did I start thinking, what can I get her?

I started looking into gifts for earth lovers, and I was blown away by the offer.

I also learned what makes a gift eco-friendly.

Plastic Free

Instead of a gift made of plastic, you can choose a glass, bamboo, or stainless steel gift. 

Look for materials that are natural, repurposed, and compostable.

There are many ways to avoid plastic.

Hazardous Material Free 

Hazardous materials are substances that are a risk to the health, safety, and property of the environment, usually when transported. 

These can include paints, cleaners, oil, batteries, and many more. 

Instead of putting the environment and your family in danger, choose a gift that’s hazardous material-free.

Company/Brand Has an Eco-Conscious Mission Statement

Instead of shopping from big corporations, support independent makers. Look for companies that offer to ship with carbon-neutral delivery.

Also, check if the company has sustainable practices. 

Pro tip new

Note: Don’t stay away from all big corporations, but buy from ones trying to protect the environment and our resources. Good examples of big companies which are sustainable are IKEA, Panasonic, Seventh Generation, and more.

The Product Helps Someone to Live a Sustainable Life

Before you swipe your card or click buy, truly consider if a certain product will help someone have a more waste-free life.

Avoid buying a gift your friend already has or something that will end up in a trash can in a few weeks.

Made of Recycled/Upcycled Materials

Products made from recycled or upcycled materials are also eco-friendly. You’ll be surprised to find out how many there are, even everyday items, such as clothing, shoes, bags, mats, and more.

Reusable, Biodegradable, or Recyclable

Finally, the best eco-friendly gifts will be reusable, recyclable, and even compostable.

For example, you can buy reusable packaging for your mom or recyclable school items for your little ones.

All of these can be disposed of responsibly, with no harm to our environment.

10 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Women

1. Tree of Life Journal

Gift #1 for women in your family is this Tree of Life leather journal.

I was impressed with the calming touch the cover provides, and I like that it can be used for different purposes. 

Journaling is very soothing. You can write about your accomplishments, plans or use it as a way to harness creativity. Plus, it’s a perfect size for a photo journal.

Why is it eco-friendly?

No trees were harmed in the making of this product. It’s made of leather, and the pages are sewn, not glued together.

Eco-friendly gifts tree of life

2. Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle

This crystal water bottle has a spectacular design, and it’s something I’ve never seen before — a water bottle with gemstones.

The bottle has a gem chamber that’s separated from the water. You can use gems already there or put other ones, such as a birthstone.

The bottle has double walls, which provides great insulation. It won’t sweat, nor will you get burned if you drink something hot.

Why is it eco-friendly? 

It’s not made of plastic but borosilicate glass. There’s no leaching of toxins from plastic.

Eco-friendly gifts Phoenix Crystal Water bottle

3. Bath Sets for Women

This 12 piece spa gift set will give the woman in your life some much-needed relaxing time.

It has everything needed for a spa experience — bubble bath, bath bombs, scented candle, bath salt, sponge, soaps, and more.

All the products have a fresh ocean fragrance, so it feels just like jumping into the ocean. 

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of natural organic ingredients, such as shea butter and coconut oil. All items are vegan and cruelty-free. The products come in a reusable, handmade box.

Eco-friendly gifts bath Sets for Women

4. HANKEY Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

The bamboo caddy tray perfectly complements the bath set, and it’ll make the spa experience complete.

The tray is extendable. It has ergonomic bottom groves and a strong wooden tray. Best of all, it’s sturdy enough to hold a glass of wine, a book, phone, and candles for some extra pampering time. 

I liked that it also has a built-in tablet stand which will keep the device upright when watching a movie or favorite TV show.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of bamboo — natural eco-friendly wood.

Eco-friendly gifts bamboo bathtub tray

5. Twisted X Women's Handcrafted Flat Eco-Friendly Casual Slip-On Loafers

Next up are handcrafted slip-on loafers. Wear these inside or outside, and your feet will feel like walking on clouds.

The loafers have a cute cactus design. 

They are easy to take care of, just pop them in the washing machine. They are also moisture-wicking, so your feet won’t sweat.

These are made by hand from ecoTWX — a material made from recycled water bottles.

Why are they eco-friendly?

They’re made from eco-friendly material. Each pair uses up to 13 recycled water bottles.

Eco-friendly gifts Twisted X

6. Handmade Cork Wallet

This cork wallet has a vintage design that’ll wow everyone.

It’s not mass-produced but handmade in Portugal from high-quality cork.

It’s very lightweight, and it has space for up to 8 credit cards, two interior slip pockets, an interior zip pocket, and a handle for easy carrying.

It’ll fit everything inside, plus it can be carried without a bag.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of eco-friendly material — cork.

Eco-friendly gifts Cork Wallet

7. Goottan 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System

Garden lovers in your family will be thrilled with this hydroponics planting system. It can grow up to 12 plants.

It automatically turns off after 16 hours of use and on after 8 hours of rest.

It’s suitable for both vegetables and fruits — blue light is for veggies, and red light is for fruits and flowers. 

The planting kit includes everything needed for successful plant growing — plant support rods, water tank, and more.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It allows the owner to grow their own organic veggies. It’ll save money on groceries and on gas needed to go shopping.

Eco-friendly gifts Goottan Hydroponics Growing System

8. Zenso Home Cork Bottom Clear Glass Mug with Bamboo Lid

If your mom, like mine, is a queen of pouring a hot drink and forgetting all about it, this is the gift for her. This mug keeps the drink warm even half an hour after it’s poured.

It’s a huge upgrade over ceramic mugs because it has a double glass wall that regulates the temperature.

One more bonus is the removable cork bottom — no need to hunt for coasters anymore!

Why is it eco-friendly? 

It’s made with environmentally-friendly material — a bamboo lid and cork bottom, and borosilicate glass technology. 

Eco-friendly gifts Eco Friendly Cork Bottom Clear Glass Mug with Bamboo Lid

9. Icon of Jesus Christ

Religious women in your surroundings will love this icon of Jesus Christ.

Among others, it’s made with American walnut, sycamore maple, mahogany, and gabon. 

The manufacturing process is called Marquetry. It’s all about the artistic skills of the master, who used more than 400 thin wooden plates (veneers). The surface is covered with eco-friendly linseed oil and shellac.

The final product took more than 30 hours of work. It’s 90% manual labor, and the result is breathtaking.

Why is it eco-friendly? It’s made from natural eco-friendly wood, and it has an eco-friendly picture finish.

Eco-friendly gifts Icon of Jesus Christ

10. GETTOGET Picasso The Dancing Couple Shower Curtain

If you need a gift for an art lover, look no further! Here’s a gift that’s artsy and highly usable.

This shower curtain has 12 hooks. It’s painted on one side by a non-fading print, so it’ll last for a long time.

Because it’s colorful, it’ll be the most eye-catching piece in a bathroom.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s durable, so there won’t be a need to get a new shower curtain for a long time. Also, the grommets used are rust-proof. The material the curtain is made of doesn’t release any odors.

Eco-friendly gifts GETTOGET Picasso The Dancing Couple

10 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Men

1. TESLYAR Wood Desk Organizer

This wood desk organizer is one of the best things to get for Christmas for the men in your life.

It’s incredibly useful because it’s multi-functional — it can be used as a charging station and to keep all the daily used items in one place.

It’s compatible with all kinds of smartphones. Wallets, glasses, watches, and more can be placed here.

If your dad is like mine, he’s constantly losing his keys and phone charger. This is the perfect solution.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of ash tree and covered with non-toxic protective finishing.

Eco-friendly gifts TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

2. Beer Chiller Sticks for Bottles

What man doesn’t like beer? 

But, one thing they do hate is warm beer.

This beer chiller will keep beer ice cold for a long time. It has chilling sticks made from FDA-grade stainless steel. You won’t have to use any water or ice in this cooler.

The beer chiller also comes with a bottle opener in a beautifully carved wooden gift box. The royal blue fabric makes it feel high-end.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made from sustainably sourced FSC pine wood and is plastic-free.

Eco-friendly gifts beer chiller stick

3. BEWELL Wooden Watches for Men

Surprise the man in your life with a wooden watch!

The fact that it’s made of wood makes it unique, as well as the minimalist design. It’s lightweight and ultra-thin — 7.5mm.

The wooden band is adjustable — simply remove the pins. It’s easy to do it on your own, no need to look for a professional’s help.

The watch is stylish and can be worn every day or on special occasions.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s 100% eco-friendly and made of solid black walnut.

Eco-friendly gifts Bewell wooden watches

4. Boshiho RFID Blocking Cork Wallet

Another thing that every man needs is a wallet. Here’s a great eco-friendly option.

This wallet has a slim design, and it’s twice as light compared to a leather wallet.

Even though it’s slim, it has enough compartments — two bill compartments and one coin pocket. There are also six card slots.

The wallet has RFID blocking materials, which keep the information safe from electronic pickpocketing.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of 100% cork, which is soft to the touch and durable. It’s also non-toxic.

Eco-friendly gifts Bohisho cork wallet

5. Black Cross Necklaces

Another one of the great gifts for environmentalists, especially religious ones, is this black cross necklace.

It’s not too light, which means it won’t constantly move around the neck. It’s also the right size, so the wearer won’t even notice it’s on.

My favorite part is that it comes with a powerful message on the side.

The material is high-quality stainless steel, which won’t harm the skin or fade or change color in the future.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of stainless steel, and the package it comes in is an eco-friendly box.

Eco-friendly gifts Black Cross Necklaces for Men

6. Cool Survival Gear Kit

If a man in your life is a survivalist who loves going on adventures, he will love this survival kit.

The 17 in 1 kit comes in a waterproof box, and it contains absolutely everything needed in an emergency. Some examples are a compass, water bottle clip, fire starter, first aid blanket, and much more.

The box is lightweight and highly portable. It can be stored in a bag or fixed to a harness or climbing equipment.

Why is it eco-friendly? 

It’s made from high-quality, long-lasting materials that can withstand all elements, so it can be used for years.

Eco-friendly gifts survival gear

7. Teabloom All-Beverage Travel Tumbler

This tumbler is suitable for all beverages and can be used on the go.

It’s a combo of tea infuser, coffee thermos, cold brew coffee maker, water bottle, and more. Basically, it’s everything a man needs for a drink.

It holds 17oz of liquid, making it large enough but not too large to be too difficult to carry.

It also has a two-way filter for brewing hot and cold tea and coffee.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made from earth-friendly materials, 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, and odor-free.

Eco-friendly gifts Teabloom

8. WIKAWIKA 2021 Eco Case for iPhone 13

Here’s something for the tech lover in your life — an iPhone 13 phone case.

The phone case provides comprehensive protection, so no need to worry if the phone is dropped. Moreover, the camera is extra safe due to the raised design near the lens.

The case has a smooth texture, and it dissipates heat, so the phone won’t be dropped even when hands are sweaty.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made from wheat pellets, and it’s 100% biodegradable and compostable. Moreover, it comes in a reusable package.

Eco-friendly gifts WIKAWIKA 2021 Eco Case for iPhone 13

9. Handmade Beer Mug

This beer mug is the perfect complement to beer chiller sticks. You can fill Christmas gift boxes with these for your beer lover.

The beer mug is 100% handmade, created from 1 solid piece of wood. I love that it resembles a barrel in design. 

It also has a stainless steel cup insert, which keeps the drink hot or cold for a long time.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It's made of oak wood and painted with odorless paint to mimic natural wood shade.

Eco-friendly gifts beer mug

10. Elviros Mens Classic Solid Color Slim Tie

What man doesn’t need a tie?

This one has a modern slim design, and it comes in 8 different colors. It’s suitable for both every day and more formal occasions.

The tie is handmade with textured woven jacquard and a satin finish that’s not too glossy but has more of a subtle shine.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of 100% recycled PET and comes in a gift box made of recycled materials.

Eco-friendly gifts Elviros Mens Classic Solid Color Slim Tie

7 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Teens

1. Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue)

If you don’t know what to get the teen in your life, you’ll be their new favorite person after gifting them the Nintendo Switch. This is a great idea to get the whole family together and play on the big screen.

But, there’s no need for the TV. It can also be played in tabletop and handheld mode.

The teen will be able to play with a friend, as it has a two-player option.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’ll last for years, so it’s not something that will be thrown out quickly. Moreover, Nintendo Switch has recyclable parts.

Eco-friendly gifts nintendo switch

2. MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

With this 3D pen, an ordinary drawing will become a work of art.

It’s extremely easy to use, as a speed slider helps regulate flow while drawing.

It also has a sealed nozzle that is clog-free and durable, so the pen will last a long time.

The pen comes with a three-color ABS filament, so your teen will be able to draw colorful pictures.

Why is it eco-friendly?

If you have an artsy teen, this will hold their attention for a long time, so the pen won’t end up in the trash. The ABS plastic is recyclable.

Eco-friendly gifts MYNT3D pen

3. Sterling Silver Zodiac Sign Rings

Make your teen feel special with a zodiac sign ring.

All 12 zodiac signs are available, so you’re guaranteed to find your teen’s zodiac.

Don’t worry about the ring size — it’s adjustable. It goes from sizes 6 to 8, which also means it can be worn on different fingers.

The cubic zirconia in the middle makes it extra elegant.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of real sterling silver, which doesn’t turn the finger green. It’s lead and nickel-free, and hypoallergenic.

Eco-friendly gifts Sterling Silver Zodiac Sign Rings

4. Attivolife Game Glowing Water Bottle

A water bottle may sound boring, especially for a teen. But, this is a glowing water bottle.

It has a 3D illusion effect and 7 light settings, as well as a color flashing mode.

As a plus, it can be used as a water bottle and a night light.

The bottle has a button on top, which makes it easy to drink on the go.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of food-grade Tritan co-polyester plastic and BPA-free material. It's also toxin and odor-free.

Eco-friendly gifts Attivolife Game Glowing Water Bottle

5. Horande Novelty Cotton Socks Do Not Disturb Socks Funny Gifts

If you’re looking for funny Christmas gifts, here are socks with a twist. These have fun words printed on each sock, such as “do not disturb I’m gaming.” This makes them a perfect companion to the Nintendo Switch.

The socks are one size fits all — the US sizes 6 to 12. Your teen gamer will love them. 

They also have non-skid rubber and can be washed in the machine.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of 80% cotton. The socks are breathable, smell-free, and moisture-wicking, so they won’t make the feet sweat.

Eco-friendly gifts Horande Novelty Cotton Socks

6. TailorShape Surf Skateboard

With this skateboard, your teen will be able to surf offshore. It has a unique design, which is great for amateurs and a training tool for aspiring professionals. 

The skateboard has an updated high-end surfing truck that combines the surfing and skating experience. 

The wheels are designed for added momentum and are super high rebound. There are also chrome steel bearings and built-in spacers that make the ride smooth and not bumpy.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of several layers of high-quality hardwood — 5 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of bamboo veneer. 

Eco-friendly gifts TailorShape Surf Skateboard

7. Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is a great addition to your teen’s living space.

It comes in 16 RGB colors. The colors can be changed remotely or by touch. There’s also the dim function which gives the room a nice atmosphere. 

The lamp has a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It charges in 2 to 3 hours and lasts 8 to 12 hours.

The best part is the realistic moon-like texture, so this will be a hit if your teen is an astronomy lover.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of PLA material, which is non-toxic.

Eco-friendly gifts moonlamp

7 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

1. Beystadium Dinosaur Painting Kit

There’s no better way to encourage your little one’s creativity than with this 62 piece dinosaur painting kit.

It comes with different kinds of paintable dinos, a play scene carpet (to keep your home clean), four sets of watercolors, as well as paintbrushes and palettes.

Not only does the painting kit have a ton of dinosaurs, but it also has trees to set the scene and dinosaur cards so the child can learn more about these animals.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It has water-based, non-toxic paints, so it’s completely safe for children.

Eco-friendly gifts Beystadium Dinosaur Painting Kit

2. Modeling Magic Clay

This magic clay kit has super dough and modeling foam. When used together, they will give special texture to the figures your child makes.

The kit also has various colors, so your little artist can mix as they wish.

The kit has enough materials for at least three big figures. The child can use plastic molds to create the figures or make something on their own.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It has water-based, non-toxic, and non-sticky clay and modeling foam, which complies with the strictest regulations.

Eco-friendly gifts Modeling Magic Clay

3. Aurora - Eco Nation - 8" Ram Plush White

This cute plush ram will be an excellent addition to your little one’s plush collection. 

It’s extremely soft, and the fluffy white coat will make it your child’s new favorite sleeping companion.

Don’t worry about the child being injured by horns — they are also plush and soft to the touch. The ram has adorable embroidered eyes and a cute little tail.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Eco-friendly gifts Aurora - Eco Nation

4. TOLOLO Montessori Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old

This is the best toy for your child to learn about shapes and colors. The package has 16 pieces, including blocks of 4 colors and 4 geometric shapes.

These will help your baby learn about numbers, practice hand-eye coordination, sort the shapes on their own, and learn color recognition.

The shapes are perfectly safe — the size is perfect for little hands but not too small to pose a choking risk.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of natural pine wood with non-toxic, water-based paint, and odor-free.

Eco-friendly gifts TOLOLO Montessori Toys

5. Green Toys School Bus Yellow

This is a toy bus with a twist! It’s made and assembled right here in the USA, which lowers the shipping impact on the environment.

It has 17 windows and an open roof, so the children can load as many passengers as they want.

It looks just like the real thing — there are even dials on the dashboard.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It's made of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs. It doesn’t have any coatings, paints, or dyes, so it’s extra safe.

Eco-friendly gifts Green Toys School Bus Yellow

6. Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach-Themed Doll

No childhood is complete without a Barbie doll. 

This Barbie has stylish sunglasses and a trendy two-piece outfit. The outfit has stripes and palm tree print for a complete beach-bound look. The Barbie also has recognizable two-toned Barbie blonde hair.

It’s suitable for kids aged 3 to 7. Let your child play the perfect beach day with Ocean Barbie.

Why is it eco-friendly?

The Barbie and her outfit are made of recycled plastics, and it comes in FSC recycled packaging.

Eco-friendly gifts Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach

7. Save the Ocean Lunch Bag

Every school kid needs a lunch bag, so why not choose an eco-friendly one?

This lunch bag is uniquely designed. An isolated upper compartment is made to keep the dry food fresh, such as snacks, fruits, bread, and more.

It has a U-shaped lid with a zipper for each access.

There’s also a leak-proof compartment for wet foods. You can put an ice bag here without worrying it'll spill onto your child’s clothes.

Why is it eco-friendly?

It’s made of eco-friendly RPET fabric that's made of recycled PET water bottles.

Eco-friendly gifts Save the Ocean Lunch Bag

Let’s Go Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

No matter if you’re looking for parent gifts for Christmas, Christmas gifts for friends, Christmas gifts for sister, child, friend — you can go eco-friendly. 

I hope this list inspired you and gave you some ideas for sustainable gifts for people in your life.

Christmas is one of the biggest and happiest holidays of the year. But, we should still be mindful of the waste it creates.

Eco-friendly gifts are one way in which you can make a difference. Best of all, your close ones will love them as well, so next year they can go for eco-friendly gifts as well.

Marina is passionate about sustainability and works to help ensure our planet stays as our home for a long time. She takes part in environmental conservation by recycling and not buying single-use plastic. When not writing, she can be found with her nose stuck in a book or trying out new baking recipes.

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