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Australian Supermarket Giant Promises To Use 100% Renewable Power by 2025

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Australia’s supermarket giant Coles has vowed to source all of its electricity from renewable sources across its brands by 2025.

This announcement came as the retail chain signed another agreement to buy clean power from a wind farm in the State of Victoria.

For climate change campaigners, this move is a sign of a significant shift in Australia’s corporate landscape.

According to The Guardian, Coles Group chief executive, Steven Cain, said that the decisions came as a response to calls from staff, customers, shareholders, and investors.

“There’s no doubt that in our shareholder meetings people are asking more questions about sustainability because investors around the world – who themselves have investors – are asking, are we putting our money to work in a responsible fashion,” he said. “There’s more money available to companies that are doing this.”

The latest purchase of electricity generation certificates from Lal Lal Wind Farms means that 45% of the company’s electricity will come from renewables by 2023.

Apart from moving to 100% renewable electricity, Coles also upgraded its fridges for improved energy efficiency and reorganized logistics, so that vehicles don’t return empty to distribution centers. 

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