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A Jobs Boost For The Green Energy Sector

Chris Bolt

September 23, 2020
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There has been some excellent research into the demand for workers for offshore wind turbines.

For example, a proposed new wind farm off the coast of Maryland could further increase the demand for workers in the renewable energy sector. This in turn means we could be seeing higher than expected renewable energy production in the next few years.

According to Clean Technica, “The construction of Skipjack will translate into more green construction jobs for Maryland, but the offshore activity is just part of the action. Onshore staging areas will also spark more green jobs growth in the offshore wind sector.

New York State, for one, has earmarked $200 million to invest in new seaport infrastructure dedicated to the offshore wind industry. The state is eyeballing a score of potential sites ringing Long Island and running up the Hudson River.”

There are countless other projects along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts where reports are also suggesting that the productivity of each wind farm is higher than expected.

It could be the green recovery our economy and environment need.

Political discussions often center around heavy industries and mining jobs. One part of that is a fear that closing down more coal mines to protect the environment will cause too many job losses with no alternatives for tens of thousands of workers.

But renewable energy projects like the Skipjack Wind Farm might just help ease those fears.

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