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GreenCitizen's closed-loop reuse department is able to repair and find new homes for approximately 25% of all electronic equipment received by GreenCitizen.

Through these efforts we have been able to outfit schools, non-profits and individuals with working systems.

Our reuse department does not ship any electronic items overseas. Refurbished items are only available to US based residents and organizations.

All reuse items can be recycled at any GreenCitizen Eco-Center at no charge at the end of their useful life.

Testimonial from Alvarado School - Carmen, Jul 11, 2010
"Alvarado is a public elementary school within the San Francisco Unified School District. It is a dual-immersion English/Spanish school serving a broad population of students, many of whom live in the Mission, Noe Valley, and Castro neighborhoods of San Francisco.

We are actively working to upgrade the technology and infrastructure in each of our 20 plus classrooms, as well as our computer lab. Because we are a public school in a state with significant budget challenges, much of our technology is old and outdated, and we unfortunately have very limited financial resources to upgrade it.

The LCD monitors that we acquired from Green Citizen last year provided an affordable way for us to replace ancient, tiny, CRT monitors with more modern equipment. And, in addition to saving us money, the LCD monitors from Green Citizen gave a second life to technology that might otherwise have been discarded. We are very strong proponents of recycling, re-use, and other environmentally friendly practices, and it was extremely gratifying to be able to make such good use of hand-me-down technology. The monitors were an absolutely perfect fit for an elementary school environment!

We were thrilled with the friendly service we received from Green Citizen, the excellent communication as our order was fulfilled, and the painless delivery process. The monitors worked as advertised, and we couldn't be happier. So thank you Green Citizen for providing an excellent service and for making it possible to upgrade technology in San Francisco public schools during an extremely challenging economic climate."

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