BuyBack Program

Reselling your electronics to be refurbished and reused is the best form of recycling.
Proceeds Benefit Community Electronics Drop-off Eco-Centers.

How it Works

Get a quote for your electronics now!
1. Get Quote. See how much your electronics are worth (see above drop-down list). Select your device and its condition. Designate your preferred form of payment, Check or PayPal.
2. Ship your Device. Package up your item with our prepaid shipping label and drop it off at your local UPS or GreenCitizen Eco-Center location.
3. Get Paid. Once we receive your prepaid package, we will test it and confirm its condition. If everything matches your quote, we will send payment your way.

Why GreenCitizen?

Help Us Open More Eco-Centers
Unlike any other organization in the world, GreenCitizen builds fully subsidized community Eco-Centers where anyone can dispose of electronics responsibly for free. We fund these centers through proceeds from our electronics BuyBack program and electronic recycling pickups for businesses. With your support, the GreenCitizen eco-center model can bring free electronics recycling nationwide.

Fast Payment
We work hard to have a quick payment system. You will receive payment via PayPal or check within 4-5 business of testing your electronic items.

No Listing Hassles
With the GreenCitizen BuyBack program, obtaining cash for your electronics is at your convenience. No more scheduling meetups and haggling prices on classfield sites like

Item not qualified for BuyBack? Recycle it for free.

Items that do not qualify can be dropped off at any of our Bay Area Eco-Centers for free. GreenCitizen can recycle anything that plugs in or runs on batteries. We make sure they are reused and/or recycled responsibly in the Bay Area with R2 or E-Stewards certified vendors. This level of certification ensures the company is recycling responsibly.

For those that live outside the Bay Area,The GreenCitizen Mail-in Program is another option for small items, including old phones, laptops, ink cartridges, and CDs. Another alternative is to look for R2 or E-Stewards certified recyclers in your neighborhood.

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