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How Does GreenCitizen Determine Asset Values?

It is market conditions and not GreenCitizen staff that determine the current residual value of your equipment. The value of electronics constantly changes as technology advances, so before submitting assets for recovery, it's essential that you know the specifications of your equipment and can determine the current market price.

How Profit is Determined
Profit is defined as 2/3 of the final sales price. 1/3 is used to cover cost of testing, refurbishing, remarketing, listing, and providing customer service. Each unit must sell for over $200 and the whole project must sell for a sum of $5000 for there to be any revenue sharing. No fees need to be paid up front, but instead will be subtracted after the sale is complete.

For example:

  • GreenCitizen picks up 12 items from Company ABC: two Lenovo ThinkPads that sell for $500 each, eight Macbooks that sell for $600 each, and two Dell laptops that sell for $90 each.
  • Gross Revenue: $500x2 + $600x8 + $90x2 = $5,980
  • Gross Revenue available for revenue sharing: $5,800 (The Dell laptops sold for $90 and are not eligible)
  • Profit: (2/3)x $5,800 = $3866.67
  • You receive 50% x $3866.67 = $1933.33

Again, please note that any item in a qualifying asset recovery project that sells for less than $200.00 will not be eligible for revenue sharing.

Tips on Determining Asset Values
There are many factors that will affect the value of your item, including processor type, processor speed, system memory, hard-drive capacity, screen size, year of manufacture, and level of wear. When you gather more information beforehand, you'll have a better understanding of the revenue potential of your assets.

If you are not certain of the current value of your items, it's possible to determine a price range online.

The WORTHmonkey website ( is an easy-to-use tool that references the asking and selling prices of devices from various sites on the Internet. WORTHmonkey will return a range of prices based on the information provided.

CAUTION: It's important to provide as precise a description of the configuration of your item as possible. For instance, if you search for "Thinkpad," the average price may be over $200.00, but if you add the model number "Thinkpad T41" then the average price will be much lower.

eBay Completed Listings Search
Looking through the items that have recently been sold on eBay is another reliable method for determining the value of your item. On eBay's advanced Search page ( ,select "Completed Listings" and search for your device to see the sale price of recently sold similar items.

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